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A location-aware translation service for Zope
Placeful translation service for Zope 2.6
It allows you to have fully functional internationalization from
Zope Page Templates using the standardized "i18n" tags. See the ZPT
internationalization wiki for more details on the syntax.
This Zope product:
- Plugs into Zope's i18n framework and provides itself as the global
translation service for ZPT.
- Redirects translations to appropriate message catalogs depending
on their domains, in a configurable manner.
Currently there is only one message catalog implementation provided,
which is based on TranslationService 1.0.0's MessageCatalog. In the future it
will be easy to create additionnal message catalogs, for instance
one based on plain filesystem .po or .mo files.
This product has been customized to work within Nuxeo CPS.
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